DOFF System Cleaning


The DOFF cleaning technique is a high temperature low pressure steam based system. With its capability of controlled temperatures reaching 150 degrees, it is a perfect stone cleaning system.

We specialise in cleaning, restoring and preserving aging, weathered and decayed stone and brick facades with help of the Doff steam cleaning system, we help breathe new life into the ageing material by delivering a range of sensitive and phased façade cleaning processes to help breakdown years of pollutions and preserve the material for the future. The Doff steam cleaning system is sensitive, it helps keep our operation and masonry cleaning conservation lead, giving you peace of mind that the best methods are employed. If you are a surveyor, architect or property manager searching for a range of sensitive and approved stone/brick cleaning solutions, the Doff steam cleaning system can help, the steam can help restore your period, listed or modern property back to its former luster whilst ensuring the long-term integrity of the building fabric is retained,

It is an approved technique by CADW and English Heritage allowing it to be commonly used on listed buildings.


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